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What is fashion? Fashion is fun, it’s boundless, it’s an expression of self and has absolutely no rules. I love how jewelry can be an accent to whatever you wear and compliments how you feel about yourself. Maybe you’re feeling bold and need a statement necklace, or you may be the more subtle type and require something chic but sophisticated. Whatever the case, your fashion and jewelry is a window into your personality that people see. I enjoy selecting exclusive pieces that can make you feel your best self.


If you hear me talk about fashion and jewelry, you would be intoxicated with the excitement that I exude. Being a woman and mother that has battled with her own confidence, I’m sure many women can relate to the struggle. Selling jewelry and accessories is an outlet for me that not only brings me pleasure but I take pride in seeing women feeling their best as they look in the mirror and see fierceness and beauty combined. A woman deserves to feel how she looks and DMH Exclusives serves to make that happen.


 Growing up in a single mother household, I keenly observed my mother putting together bomb outfits with very little in her wardrobe. She could wear the same blazer or skirt twice or three times a week, but still managed to switch it up so that it looked entirely different. From the outside looking in, you would think she had the closet of a celebrity. But little did they know she was styling on a budget. This shaped my own style and ability to throw things together that somehow just worked. From childhood, fashion and jewelry was always something that I was passionate about. Making my jewelry affordable for you is an extension of my understanding of today’s woman. Even if your coins are limited, you can still afford to be a fashionista when you shop at DMH Exclusives.


 Adorning oneself with jewelry has been consistent across space, time and cultures of all backgrounds. It’s one of many things that we all share. Jewelry is a medium for self-actualization that enables us to display who we really are. Me being passive and withdrawn most of my life, this speaks volumes to me to be able to use exclusive pieces to reinforce self-esteem and expression. I want to give your personality and confidence a boost by giving you fashionably loud jewelry that compliments every aspect of who you are.

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